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5x36iu Humatrope pens and mixing device $720


5x36iu (12mg) Humatrope cartridges, mixing device and PEN. A lot of people confuse the mixing device for the pen, this is not the case. We take payments by bitcoin, if you are not sure how to use the system here is a demo

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Humatrope is Eli Lilly’s offering to the HGH pen market. As with all the HGH pens from the major pharmaceutical companies it is a high quality product containing pharmaceutical grade somatropin, or as it also known, HGH.  There have been some allergic reactions to the diluent Lilly uses to dissolve the HGH powder in. There are no problems with the  actual HGH though as its high purity 191 amino acid somatropin, as you would expect for the price tag.

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