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5x100iu Kits Hygetropin $700


This is for 5x100iu Kits of genuine Hygetropin (not the copies which aren’t actually too bad) Payment is by bitcoin. If you are not sure how to use the bitcoin payment system here is a demo

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Hygetropin is a 191 amino acid HGH of medium to high purity. The original producers are Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm CO ltd. Hygetropin is a very popular HGH product which sells in quite high amounts which tell you the company must be getting something right. The product is good and so is their marketing which is mainly done by word of mouth and also on the web.

The product is identical to the somatropin produced by the human body so its the genuine HGH product, But in 5kits view it could be a little cleaner. Purity is fairly good but not as much as other human growth hormone products. The downstream processing of this hormone could therefore be a little better. This is not to say its not a good product. It is! but there are probably other better quality products on the market today for a similar price.

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