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5 pots 1000x5mg anabol (total 5000x5mg)


5 pots of 1000x5mg anabol tablets (5000x5mg total) payment is by bitcoin. Here is a demo if you are unsure how to use the bitcoin system


Anabol 5mg British Dispensary For Sale

Sometimes known as Thai anabol for sale

Anabol pinks come in packs of 1000x5mg

Anabol comes in a round white tub with a pink and black label and a British Dispensary Hologram. They come in lots of 1000x5mg pink pentagon shaped  tablets with the British dispensary logo stamped onto each pink tablet.

Anabol are actually just another brand name for Dianabol. Its a tried and tested steroid thats guaranteed to give you decent results. Usual dose is 25mg per day upwards for 6-8 weeks at a time. DO NOT do what a lot of first time users do and just take 5-10mg per day to see what effect it has. This strategy is totally counter-productive and will just cause your body to stop its own natural testosterone production. Therefore you will just be replacing your own testosterone with the steroid and so get no benefit. You need to flood your system with it.


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