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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Can I pay by credit card or paypal?

A: No we are selling controlled drugs here. Paypal and credit cards are traceable, in any case paypal will close your account if they find you are using it for prohibited items.

Q: How do you take payment?

A: We use bitcoin. Simply add the product to your cart and get to checkout. At checkout you will be presented with something that looks like this

Just copy and paste the bitcoin address into your own bitcoin wallet and do the same with the BTC amount and send. Here is a demo It assumes that you have a bitcoin wallet with some bitcoins in it of course. Ignore where it says “plus fees”  your wallet will automatically does this.

We use bitcoin for a number of reasons:

  1. It provides anonymity for vendor and customer
  2. Its fast and convenient
  3. It allows us to discount our products

If you want your order fast and you want to keep costs to a minimum please use the bitcoin payment system. It takes about 20 minutes to get your head around it. We can also take Western Union payments but we charge an extra 20% on these payments because of the costs and inconvenience they cause. You will also have to pay sending costs that Western union charge. Sometimes we are not always able to collect them straight away and it can add days onto the delivery dates. On one occasion it was two weeks before we were able to collect a customers payment and send his order. Contact us if you want to use Western Union/Money Gram

It always amazes us that guys will spend all week in the gym training their bodies but wont spend a few minutes getting out of their comfort zone and training their minds to a new concept ie bitcoin.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: We charge flat rate shipping of $25 to anywhere in the world. Some places will cost more than others to send items to. So some customers may subsidise others on the shipping. We simply dont have the time to cost to every destination in the world.

Q: How long are delivery times?

A: For the USA and Europe 2-3 days as we can ship domestically. We may also have some products in Australia so those will also be 2-3 days. Anywhere else in the world is 7-10 days. Full tracking is provided. For the USA and Europe delivery is guaranteed or refund. For anywhere else in the world we will offer one free re-ship if the product has not arrived after 21 days.

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